FIM: Send notification to requestor when request is approved

We needed to send a notification to the requestor when the request was approved. Out of the box, the approval workflow will send a notification to the requestor on rejection or expiration of the request, but not on approval. (That notification goes to the approver.)

After a little thinking, it wasn’t too hard to do.

1. Created the appropriate email template with what we wanted to communicate to the requestor.

2. Created a set of “ApprovalResponse” objects with a Decision of “Approved” and a display name that started with “Update to Group”.

3. Created a workflow with a notification activity. This was the only tricky part. The UI did not let us have [//Target/Requestor] as the recipient. We created the initial workflow and then edited the XOML via the “Extended Attributes” tab to change the recipient to [//Target/Requestor].

4. Created a management policy rule of “Request” type. The set of requestors is a set that only includes the FIM Web Service account (which is the account that originates the creation of the Approval Response object. The action was “Create” and the target resource was the set we created in step two. The policy workflow was the one we created in step 3.


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