SharePoint Not Prompting For Credentials

Ran into a case where SharePoint was remembering the client credentials–even though we’d never selected a “remember” box. The credentials were being remembered even after the browser had had all instances shut down.

This turned out to be a browser issue in my case. The domain * was listed as a Trusted Site (Tools–>Internet Options–>Security–>Trusted Sites).

Removed that, deleted the saved passwords (Tools–>Internet Options–>Browsing History–>Delete–>Passwords) and closed all instances of IE.
Then, opened IE and was prompted for the login. Gave it. Closed IE and opened it again and was prompted for the login.
As an aside, before we figured this out, I also had to add some JavaScript to the master page to force the user to log out after a certain amount of time. Found this solution here:


function Timeout() {

var t = setTimeout(“RedirectToLogout()”, 20 * 60000);


function RedirectToLogout() {

    var path = “~/_layouts/SignOut.aspx”;






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