Some notes on installing FIM Reporting

I’m writing this as I go through the installation process to keep a note of what steps I’ve had to take and what troubleshooting issues I come across.

1. Install SQL Server on the SCSM DA and DW servers. The DW server also needs SSRS installed. See this ( for steps to configure SSRS.

2. Created AD groups for use during the installation of both the DA and DW.

3. Despite what’s written in a lot of documentation, the Authorization Manager hotfix isn’t required.

4. Installed SCSM DA, SCSM DW and ran Windows Update.

5. Installed the following hotfixes on the SCSM server: KB2542118, KB2561430, KB2561415. [Note: if you need the SCSM reporting portal, install it before applying these updates. If they’ve already been applied, there’s an unsupported workaround here…. One step not mentioned in the post is to re-apply the CU after you install the portal to make sure all applications receive the patch. That will also re-apply the registry key correctly.)

6. Installed the SCSM Service Manager Console on the same server that hosts the FIM Reporting Services.

7. In the FIM portal, enabled ReportLogging via All Resources–> System Configuration Settings.

8. In the SCSM DA application, registered the data warehouse.

9. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the MPSync job to complete. To verify, when the job has stopped, double click the job and verify everything has a status of Associated or Imported. I left this running overnight, so not sure how long it takes.

10. Installed FIM Reporting feature on the portal. Waited for the management packs to complete. (This took a decent amount of time.)

11. Installed Powershell on SCSM DW and ran set-executionpolicy unrestricted.

12. Backed up SQL databases and then, ran the ./FIMPostInstallScriptsForDatawarehouse.ps1 script found in the separate download on the connect site for tech notes. (Documentation says to be sure the MPSync process is done before doing this.)

13. On FIM portal, executed Start-FIMReportingInitialSync.ps1. Waited on the ETL jobs to complete in the Service Manager. [Note: in the FIM_R2_TestLabGuide_Reporting.aspx document there is a PowerShell script that can optionally be run after this completes to see the data immediately in the reports.]

14. Ran a report in the Service Manager. Now trying to figure out what use to make of them.

Note: On Step 13, I received the error described here:…

The solution (for me) was to roll back the FIM Reporting installation, the SCSM DA and SCSM DW application installations and to re-install SQL on both SCSM servers to start from scratch. I was then extra careful to be sure the MPSync had completed, checking in multiple places (the Management Packs and the MPSync job details).

The URL for the reporting service can be configured via the SQL Reporting Services Configuration Manager. (

I just saw on this page ( that there is a script that can be run in a loop to speed up the initial reporting load process. Will have to try it next time.

SERVICE ACCOUNTS: provides information on the service accounts:

SVC_SCSM_Install: SCSM Install Account

SVC_SCSM_Service: SCSM service Account. Must have rights on the SQL Server and must be local admin. Must also be local admin on the SQL server during installation

SVC_SCSM_Workflow: Workflow Account, must be mail enabled

SVC_SCSM_Report: Report Service Accounts, must have rights on the SCSM_DW databases

Next we must give the SVC_SCSM_Install Account local Admin rights on the SCSM01 Server, we must give the SVC_SCSM_Service Account local admin rights on the SQL Server and we must give the SVC_SCSM_Service Account Create DB rights on the SQL Server.

1. The documentation that comes in the download from the connect site.

NOTE: I was getting an error 1503 when trying to start the System Center Data Access Service. Although I followed the instructions here 9 I think the real fix was closing the Service Manager Console and then trying to start the service.


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