FK_ObjectValueReference_BindingInternal Conflict

I was receiving this error when exporting to FIM:

The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint “FK_ObjectValueReference_BindingInternal”. The conflict occurred in database “FIMService”, table “fim.BindingInternal”.

I also noticed I could not write to one of the new multivalued string attributes I had created via the portal. That would fail with a notice that the reason for failure was “Other”.

Eventually, removing the binding and the attribute and recreating those seemed to fix it. I’m not sure if the deletion of just the binding would have worked, but it may have.

UPDATE: This happened again and I just removed the binding and that didn’t solve the problem. I did notice that it was just one particular value that I couldn’t set in the MVA. Strange. Still working on figuring this out.


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